Hungarian version
Kitchen Budapest and Trafó presents


Europe 2010 Budapest

The 1st European stupid robot competition

Looking for engineer or a designer?

What if you have a great idea but you are not good at robotics?

Find a helping hand:

  • because more brain can think more
  • more hands can do more
  • and working together is fun!

Who should you work with?

  • it can be anybody who has other knowledge than what you have
  • the school mate you are doing stupid things with anyway
  • the designer girl next door time to get acquanted with
  • the engineer boyfriend of your sister
  • or go to the next FabLab, where you will find the brains for that!

Are you located near Budapest?

Good news for you: Fablab Budapest organizes robotics workshops tailored to the deadline of Bacarobo Show 2011:

3. Think!
...or jump to the application form.