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Kitchen Budapest and Trafó presents


Europe 2010 Budapest

The 1st European stupid robot competition

Rules, rules, rules...

3 main rules of Bacarobotics

  • Must operate automatically.
  • Must be useless.
  • Must be funny.

Rules for the size

  • The robot should not exceed the width of 90 cm and depth of 120 cm.
  • The robot's height has to be below 180 cm and below the weight of 80 kg.

Rules for the stage

  1. You should get ready at the backstage. You will have 3 minutes to set it up
  2. After the setting up has been completed, the truck has to be moved from the backstage to the stage.

    Maximum 2 assistants may help handling the robot during the performance.
  3. The performance will be 2 minutes long.

    The author can only use a switch that can turn on and off the robot.

    There is no time extension in case the machine has errors during the performance.

    The robot can be off the truck.

  4. You will have 1 minute to leave the stage.

Even more rules

  • For powering the robot there is a 230V power supply (15A) available.

  • Do not use any kind of liquid that can explode by a spark.

  • The day before the presentation day the authors will have a possibility to do a rehearsal with their robots if needed. Each applicant should consult this in advance.

  • The transportation and costs of the robot have to be arranged by the candidate.