Hungarian version
Kitchen Budapest and Trafó presents


Europe 2010 Budapest

The 1st European stupid robot competition

Use your brain!

Ok, now you have the mates to do stupid things with...

Now you have to brainstorm about ideas. Invent the most useless and hopeless robot of the world!

Remember the 3 main rules:

The challenge is to create a robot, which

  1. works automatically
  2. completely useless
  3. makes people laugh

We collected a couple of inspirational theme which can be useful while brainstorming about bacarobotics. These are no way should be any limitations to your ideas.

Braitenberg vehicle

The Braitenberg vehicle is the simplest animal-like robot. It has a primitive sensor which is directly connected to an effector. Tipically, a light sensor direcly connected to the switch of an engine makes the robot following the light similarly to flies or other insects.

Toothbrush robot

Even more simpler robotics. One vibramotor is attached to the top of a cut toothbrush. There is no sensor, only the randomness of the brush bristles imitates an animal-like behavior.

Theo-Jansen's kinetic sculptures

Analogue and mechanic kinetic sculptures featuring animal-like moving machines. This machines utilize the energy of wind through complex mechanical construction and moves by a walk-like motion. See more about Theo-Jansen on Wikipedia.

Now, if you are ready...

Submit your idea!